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Morning Mirror: Jerky Dan Bongino Calls Daily Beast Reporters ‘Morally Bankrupt’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Dear @CNN & Jeff Zucker, I want to watch nothing but this ‘Trump, Pelosi and Schumer’ multiple car wreck video on a loop all day. And I need close-ups of Pence’s face. Over and over. Please, please, please.” 

— Ana Navarro, CNN contributor.

Potential WH COS David Bossie will dine with Corey Lewandowski

“When asked, Bossie acknowledged that he and Lewandowski will be having lunch with Trump on Friday.” Read the rest of the Politico story here. (RELATED: Kellyanne Conway says something nasty about Ocasio-Cortez) 

OVERHEARD: Party chatter about Ocasio-Cortez at Trump Hotel

“In two hours of circulating through GOP gatherings at Trump Hotel this evening, the big preoccupation wasn’t Trump, Pelosi or Schumer – it was @Ocasio2018.” — Joshua Green, Bloomberg Businessweek writer, CNN political analyst.

Walter Shapiro, Roll Call columnist: “Why? Seriously, do they think that the socialist revolution is at the gates? Or they can demonize her? Or she just symbolizes all that threatens them about America in 2018?”

Joshua Green: “I think the latter — consensus was she’s ‘dumb,’ doesn’t understand basic econ, leads a flock of sheep, etc, all of which conveys a deep-seated insecurity … It really was remarkable – thought maybe I was being pranked, but no.”

26-year-old journo has had a year of sickness — and it’s not over 

“One year ago today, I had emergency surgery. I’ve been sick ever since. My reflection on living with a chronic illness for the past year, an explanation of how this all started, and an update on what’s next (spoiler: RADIOACTIVE EGGS)” — Madi Alexander, BGOV data journalist. See her story. Be alert: It includes the D-word (diarrhea).

Daily Beast reporter smacks Dan Bongino — hard (metaphorically speak, of course) 

Backstory: The whole debacle began when Beast reporters Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng reported that NRATV had dropped Bongino. He claims they begged him to stay and he quit. The Daily Beast stands by its reporting. Bongino’s own Wikipedia page says “his contract was not renewed,” which generally means they did not kiss his ass to make him stay with the gig. He currently hosts a podcast called “The Dan Bongino Show.” He is avidly pro-Trump. 

“You’re a laughably unimpressive person, and your meltdown is getting extremely old. Your future plans are of zero consequence to me. I would apologize to my followers for RTing you into their feeds multiple times in the last couple days, but you’ve probably blocked them lol.” — Asawin Suebsaeng.

“My employer actually did want to tweet a “statement” at you in response to your tweet, but you’ve blocked @thedailybeast  too lol. How many accounts have you blocked on this website, dude??? I know people tweet ‘@’ at you a lot for that but jesus, its well deserved.” — Asawin Suebsaeng.

“Ok, fam, I’m sorry, getting back to work, I’ll stop. I am aware how pointless and masturbatory this back and forth is, and I apologize for inflicting it on your feeds. He just makes it so easy.” — Asawin Suebsaeng.

Here is some of what Bongino wrote about The Daily Beast reporters 

“When you’re a morally bankrupt ‘reporter,’ such as @Lachlan & @swin24, hearing ‘I didn’t renew,’ along with the employer stating they made ‘every effort to retain’ me, means I was ‘dropped.’ Must be nice never having to be honest. Friends don’t let friends trust the lib media.”  — Bongino.

And the threat…

“Must be hard being a ‘reporter’ knowing you’re hiding skeletons in your closet while fabricating skeletons about others. That must suck.” — Bongino.

Fun Fact About Bongino: He has run for Congress three times and lost.

Bongino continues to block The Mirror and much of the free world


Here’s what he wrote about me on Tuesday: 

“Hapless Betsy Rothstein at The Daily Caller must be desperate for clicks again.” — Bongino.

Pssst…Bongino: If you weren’t such a coward, you’d unblock all the reporters and publications you’ve blocked and have fair fights for all to see. Here are some synonyms for coward: “weakling, milksop, namby-pamby and mouse.” (RELATED: Dan Bongino once told a Politico reporter: ‘Go fuck yourself you piece of shit’)


“tfw you get out of your Uber to attend the Google hearing at the exact same time as Alex Jones and Roger Stone. Jones lauded the ‘perfect’ time of my Uber arriving just behind his.” — Oliver Darcy, CNN.

Howard Stern Show fans: Some good news 

“Howard Stern and SiriusXM announced today that his exclusive SiriusXM channel, Howard 100, will celebrate his best interviews from the past year. Howard 100: The Best of the Interviews will kick off on Monday, December 17.”

“The Best of the Interviews, will give listeners a chance to relive these interviews, including Cardi B, Jon Bon Jovi,  Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Claire Danes, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lawrence, Paul McCartney, Mandy Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Schumer, Ringo Starr, Ben Stiller and many more.”

Gossip roundup 

SPOTTED: Tiffany Trump spotted at Trump Hotel: “Tiffany Trump just walked into Trump DC during our monthly MAGA Meetups!” — Jack Posobiec, One America News Network.

Secret Alzheimer’s patients in Congress? “A pharmacist says he has filled Alzheimer’s prescriptions for members of Congress.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag, The story in Vox is by Sarah Kliff.

Charlie Sheen has… a year of sobriety. Here.


White House Reality Show: Trump Vs. Chuck & Nancy 

“Many people are taking sides after watching the video of the verbal sparring match yesterday in the Oval! Whose side are you on and why?” — April Ryan, White House correspondent, AmericanUrbanRadio.

Hollywood star turns on Nancy Pelosi 

“Nancy Pelosi put her foot so far up Trump’s ass today I have to send her a new pair of pumps!” — Bette Midler.

Should Brian Stelter stop watching so much CNN? 

BRIAN STELTER, CNN: “So much of the immigration debate is built on misinformation and misconceptions.”

DEREK HUNTER, Daily Caller, Townhall: “You should probably stop watching @CNN then, Brian. It’ll help.”

OOPS! Rep. Steve King doesn’t realize his iPhone wasn’t made by Google 

“Steve King is really gonna hate his google search results now. How dare the tech company trick him into saying something embarrassing and then manipulating search terms to play it all up. It’s a trap!” — Marc Caputo, Politico.

This was in response to Vox’s Aaron Rupar, who wrote, “After @SteveKingIA raises inscrutable concerns about iPhones, Google CEO Sunday Pichai patiently informs him, “Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.”


“The great thing about waking up insanely early is that I sometimes forget things I said/did/checked off my to do list before dawn. So I just found the lunch I packed myself (thanks 4am self!) and found/relived this incredible moment for a second time (proud of u 4am self!)” — Lyndsey Fifield, digital, The Heritage Foundation.

Reading for pleasure…. Here.

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