SEC Commissioner Tries To Stomp Out College Football Playoff Expansion. Here’s What He Said

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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SEC commissioner Greg Sankey stomped all over the idea of college football playoff expansion late Wednesday.

There has been some talk of expansion lately, but I don’t think it’s going to be happening anytime soon. Especially, considering the fact it would likely mean there’d be no more conference championship games. Sankey doesn’t sound like he’s going to let that happen. (RELATED: The College Football Playoff Teams Have Been Announced. Some Fans Will Be Enraged)

The SEC commissioner stated the following, according to 247 Sports:

The SEC Championship Game is important to this conference & our fans. I think the fact this year’s game was the most-watched & highest-rated regular season football game on any television network in seven years tells you the SEC Championship Game is important to fans of college football well beyond our conference. All conference championship games are important & relevant, which is why every FBS conference has followed the SEC’s lead & created championship games of their own.

The day a four-team College Football Playoff was introduced, public speculation began about a larger bracket. That’s human nature. This is not a new conversation. College football has a system in place that has been remarkably successful in its first four years & we expect this success will continue for the current CFP format.

It really does look like the SEC is going to do its best to destroy America and all of our hopes for more teams in the college football playoff. I didn’t realize we beat the Nazis so that we could be locked into a four-team playoff forever.

I’m pretty sure America wins wars so that we can have more freedom and liberty. That directly translates to more teams in the playoff. I don’t care if that means Alabama can’t play in an SEC title game anymore. That’s not what America is all about.


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Give us a bigger playoff! Four teams simply isn’t enough, and I really don’t care if the SEC cries a river of tears. I really couldn’t care less at all.

It needs to be done. If that means some things have to change, then so be it.

Give us eight teams, and then make it illegal to change anything go forward. That’s a plan I can get behind. Sankey can get lost if he doesn’t like it.

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