Poker Player Wins Unbelievable Amount Of Money By Staying Locked In A Dark Bathroom For 20 Days

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Remember the poker player who bet his buddy that he couldn’t stay locked in a pitch black bathroom for 30 days?

It’s finally over.

This was widely reported a few weeks ago. Poker player Rory Young bet his friend Rich Alati that he couldn’t stay locked in a pitch black bathroom with no contact with the outside world at an undisclosed location somewhere near Las Vegas, Nevada. If he could last the full 30 days, Alati would have to pay him $100,000. (RELATED: Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Just Signed Up For This Country’s Military)

It all started earlier this fall, when Young asked Alati how long he thought he could last without any human interaction. When Alati answered 30 days, it surprised him.

So they agreed on the terms (pretty much any food he wanted, a live stream to make sure he was adhering to the terms, and relatively luxurious toiletries). What’s more, Alati’s food was delivered at irregular times so he really had no sense of time.

Much to Young’s surprise, Alati actually lasted 20 days. It wasn’t the full 30 days, but when he emerged on Monday evening, he’d found he’d made $62,400 in an early buyout.

Young, who confirmed the terms on Twitter last month, hedged his bet and only ended up losing around $42,000.

Not too shabby for 20 days of doing nothing.

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