This Portable Power Bank Is The Perfect Size And Perfect Price For A Stocking Stuffer

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Nowadays, it is imperative to have a power bank to take with you wherever you go. So much of our lives are tied to our phones, we are nearly unable to function if our phone dies midday. Unfortunately, that happens increasingly often with out much we use them.

The key is to find a portable charger that is slim and portable, but also powerful. This 10400mAh USB-C power bank from Charmast fits the bill. It is equipped with 5V/3A output, and when compared to other non-quick charge power banks, it is faster than nearly all of them. Also, for a VERY limited time just before Christmas, this power bank is on sale for under $17. You just have to click on the “coupon” on the product page. This is the lowest price since its arrival in the marketplace, and I’ve been told that this deal won’t come again. Let me tell you, I’ve gotten power banks in my stockings before, and I think I am going to ask for one again — so long as it is this one.

Normally $25, this portable charger is 35 percent off when applying the coupon (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $25, this portable charger is 35 percent off when applying the coupon (Photo via Amazon)

USB C Power Bank Charmast 10400mAh Portable Charger 10000, 2 Inputs (5V 2.0A 2.6A) & 3 Outputs (Smart E 3.0 & 5V 3.0A) Type C Battery Pack Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Phones, Tablets, Galaxy More on sale for $16.24 after clicking the coupon

This power bank has two inputs and 3 outputs, with a Type-C port that can as both input and output. Importantly, it has an accurate power display screen. The size of an iPhone 7, it fit right in your pocket for easy carrying. This deal ends on December 17. What are you waiting for?

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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