A Digital Picture Frame Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Katie Kocsis Contributor
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Looking for a great gift for parents and grandparents? Perhaps, you need something for a loved one or best friend and want to get something special. I’ve got the perfect suggestion: a digital picture frame! We live in an age in which most people take pictures every day, but they do it with their phones. Most of these pictures will never get printed. Many will get shared on social media, and the majority will get stored on the phone or will be deleted forever. Enter the digital picture frame. These things are great! Instead of having one picture, they circle through a constant rotation of whatever you load. Many even have the capability to add music. What a great concept!

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Micca 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame High Resolution LCD, MP3 Music 1080P HD Video Playback, Auto On/Off Timer (Model: N8, Replaces M808z) — $49.99

I think back to all the graduation parties I attended that had slide shows, mine included. With a device like this, it would have been so much easier. This Micca 8-inch LCD version holds up to 10,000 photos. Plus, it’s so easy to use! Just plug in your phone SD card or a USB drive. Presto, instant slide show!

Think of the possibilities: Load pictures of all the grandchildren growing up to give your grandmother and grandfather. Put together pictures of your parent’s life for an anniversary gift. Know someone with a major milestone birthday coming up? Give one of these already loaded with pictures of their life to date. As I mentioned before, graduations would be great. What about putting one together for your best friend or significant other? This really makes an amazing gift absolutely any time during the year.

This Micca version is very reasonably priced at $49.99 and according to Amazon, will arrive before Christmas. Check it out and others like it, if you are looking for something bigger. It really will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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