Liberals Exploit Tragedy (Again), Mika’s Non-Apology And Obamacare’s Demise

Derek Hunter | Contributor

It was a busy weekend, and we get into all of it on today’s show. Michael Cohen wants to bring the country together, somehow; liberals try to exploit the death of a 7-year-old immigrant; Obamacare is declared unconstitutional; Mika Brzezinski sort-of apologizes for using a homophobic slur; the Obama’s think they’re the smartest people in every room; and much more.

Listen to the show:

Michael Cohen is going to prison, but not before a drawn out media tour attacking President Donald Trump. Good news, however. He thinks he’ll unite the country by … something. He’s having delusions of grandeur. You have to hear the audio to believe it.

The tragic death of a 7-year-old illegal immigrant girl in federal government custody was exactly what liberals were looking for in the push to open our southern border, and the early stories reflected just that. But as more details come out about the death, it has become clear that U.S. Border Patrol members are the actual heroes in the story. You have to hear the details.

Obamacare was declared unconstitutional and liberals are upset. Not because they wanted Obamacare to last forever, but because it wasn’t supposed to collapse and be gutted this quickly. Now, after the failure of big government, liberals are trying to say the solution is bigger government. We expose it all.

A day late, Mika Brzezinski apologized to everyone she offended with her use of a homophobic slur, except the person she smeared with it, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Being a liberal means you never really have to apologize because you won’t face any consequences for it.

The Obama’s seem to believe they are always the smartest people in the room. That might be true since they only ever associate with other liberals. We tell you what they’ve said and mock them for it.

Finally, Greta Rogers is a hero. The elderly Phoenix resident chewed out the city council for considering using $150 million in taxpayer funds to renovate the arena for the Phoenix Suns. It’s awesome.

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