Rep. Issa Predicts Flynn Conviction Will Be Overturned, Cites ‘FBI Misconduct’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa said Monday that he would not be surprised to see Gen. Michael Flynn’s conviction overturned.

Citing “misconduct” by the FBI, Issa told Fox News host Harris Faulkner that he also wasn’t surprised that Comey’s handling of Flynn had not been entirely on the up and up.


When asked whether he was surprised that Comey admitted to not exactly adhering to procedure where Flynn was concerned, he said, “Not a bit. They’ve been playing it fast and loose with how do they get the president for a long time.”

Issa took a jab at Comey — who testified repeatedly that he “didn’t recall” the answers to many of the questions asked of him in House committee hearings over the past week — saying, “Every once in a while he remembers something. In this case he apparently remembered that most White Houses would have said, ‘We aren’t making these people available, they will all be represented by lawyers, there will be any such thing as just a harmless question.'”

The retiring California congressman also told Faulkner that he expected the FBI to face serious scrutiny over the potential misconduct involved in its handling of Flynn’s situation. (RELATED: President Trump Has A New Job For Retiring Congressman Darrell Issa)

“Judge Sullivan has dealt with this before. You might remember that he picked up the Ted Stevens case only to find that prosecutors had violated the late senator’s rights and lied and withheld information,” Issa said. “In this case, he is faced with a similar situation in that he is seeing a general who was lied to and told he wasn’t a target. He didn’t need — he was basically not needing to worry about Miranda. Didn’t need a lawyer. So that they could trap him into a lie where they knew something, didn’t disclose it, and then asked him a question in order to get him in a situation where they then had leverage on him. So, this kind of misconduct can only be held accountable by a federal judge, and this is a federal judge who goes all the way back through four different … three different presidents, and is a no-nonsense judge.”

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