Redskins QB Josh Johnson Discusses His First NFL Win. Here’s How He Said It Feels

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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The Washington Redskins may have suffered a string of crushing defeats and injuries this season, but Sunday proved to be inspiring for everyone in the organization.

That’s because their 16–13 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars was so much more than a win. After going through four quarterbacks, the Redskins seem to have finally landed on one man to carry them through the remainder of the season. Josh Johnson, who hadn’t played a snap in the NFL since 2011, managed to secure his first ever career victory on Sunday.

And while the haters will say it wasn’t the best performance in the history of the NFL (he completed 16 of 25 passes for a total of 151 yards) he still landed on the right side of the matchup.

Asked what it felt like to record his first NFL win, Johnson got emotional.

“I’ve always had belief in myself that I can do things like this, but I’ve never been one to talk about it because talking does nothing,” Johnson said, per “Just to have it go our way and be able to just have everything that has been building up in me for years and finally let it out, it was a relief. Honestly, it was. It was just a relief.”

Congrats to Johnson and the entire Redskins team. They’ve been plagued by injury for a second season in a row and still have somehow managed to show up and prevail. And the heart and redemption Johnson showed yesterday isn’t something you sign by chance. It’s awesome and it’s part of what makes the NFL so much fun to watch.

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