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Montel Williams: President Trump ‘Has No Soul’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Washed up daytime talkshow host and twactivist Montel Williams has profound feelings about President Trump.

The only real question that comes to The Mirror‘s mind is what qualifies Montel, who promotes extremely destructive Payday loans, to talk about anyone else’s soul? Is he suddenly a member of the clergy? Is he an ethicist? Is he a pothead?

Well, at least one of those is true.

If you want to get deep about this — and why not — Montel is sort of like Trump in the sense that he, too, likes to wind people up on Twitter. Except minus the power and minus millions of people voting him into the highest office in the land.

Some followers related to my sentiments.

Rick Hardin, whose handle is “RaytonaRick,” writes, “This coming from a former jerryspringer type of talk show host current spokesman for predatory leader money mutual.”

Steve Sanchez, a syndicated radio host, wonders, “No one is redeemable? When did you become Jesus Christ?”

Since it’s the holidays, Montel decided to put his bizarre ego problem on display and gift himself by retweeting his own tweet.

So not only does he believe Trump has no soul.

But he’s pretty impressed with himself. (RELATED: Montel Was Miffed The White House Wouldn’t Return His ‘Damn’ Calls)

Nothing exemplifies the spirit of Christmas like publicly agreeing with yourself.