Here’s How Much Money Pro Sports Leagues Give Players For Food. The MLB Should Be Embarrassed

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Most major pro sports leagues give their players a nice per diem, but the MLB certainly doesn’t.

According to Robert Raiola, the NHL, NFL and NBA all give players more than $100 a day for food on the road. That seems pretty reasonable. That’s enough for a nice burger and a couple beers.

The MLB is apparently trying to pinch pennies because they only cut off players an amount that is in the “low $30s.” (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From Week 15 Of The NFL Season)

In a world where the major pro sports leagues always seem to be in competition, this isn’t a great look at all for the MLB.

Not only are they not giving them over $100, the league isn’t even giving them $50. I can blow through $30 at a restaurant without a problem at all. If I can do it, then I’m damn sure MLB players could with ease.

Seriously, a dollar amount that little isn’t embarrassing for the players. It’s embarrassing for the league. We all know that the MLB isn’t broke. There’s more than enough to go around, which is what makes this per diem so damn wild.

You can barely get a case of beer for $30 in some places. Good luck impressing the woman you met at the hotel with only three $10 bills in your hand.

As for the other three leagues, they’ve got more than enough to eat in a 24-hour window. I don’t want to hear any complaints from them at all.

As for guys in the MLB, I think they have all the reasons in the world to complain about the pathetic amount of cash they’re given for food.

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