LeBron James Admits His Age Plays A Factor In His Game — ‘It’s Probably All Over Social Media’

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Jena Greene Reporter
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LeBron James had his eighth dunk blocked Tuesday night, and the so-called King is feeling the pressure.

The Lakers forward, who turns 34 this month, has attempted 1,850 dunks in his 15-year NBA career. He was blocked for the ninth time by Brooklyn Nets center Jarrett Allen, which in part contributed to the Lakers’ 115-110 loss last night.  (RELATED: All Hail LeBron James, King Of The #VinoChronicles)

You can watch it unfold below:

LeBron may be a lot of things, but self-unaware is definitely not one of them. Asked about the block after the game, LeBron told reporters that his age may be keeping him from being as explosive as some of his younger colleagues in the NBA.

“He’s in his 20s; I’m in my 30s,” James said. “It takes me a little longer to get warmed up. But that’s fine. I mean, you’re a shot-blocker. You should, you can, get a block. It happens. It’s probably all over social media, so that’s cool.”

And if LeBron may be dwelling on the play, Jarrett Allen certainly isn’t.

“If you go up and you block it, you’re going to be on the highlight,” Allen said. “You get dunked on, you’re going to be on the highlight. So just go up and protect the rim.”

Some players may be coming for the throne, but they’re definitely not boasting about it.

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