Sacha Baron Cohen’s Political Comedy ‘Who Is America?’ Won’t Return To Television

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Sacha Baron Cohen won’t be back for another season of “Who is America?”

The superstar comedian and satirist behind “Borat” said the following on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards and Chatter” podcast when discussing the show ending:

No. I will never be able to get a politician to bare his buttocks while screaming, ‘God bless America!’ and screaming the N-word … It’s like The Ali G Show in England — I did one season. And the idea is not to make it a Seinfeld or an SNL. It is grueling … I’m too lazy to do this.

Showtime didn’t give a comment to THR on if the show would return or what was happening.

The Showtime series made news multiple times throughout the first and now only season. Notably, Cohen apparently filmed an episode disguised as a wounded veteran with Sarah Palin. The episode never aired after tons of outrage.

He also got Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer to run around with his pants down as he screamed racial slurs in what he believed was anti-terrorism training. Why anybody would fall for that stunt is beyond me. Spencer eventually resigned.

Two downright hilarious moments in the only season of the show featured O.J. Simpson being baited into talking about murder, and another segment that featured multiple people urging for children to be armed to stop school shootings. (RELATED: Comedian Trolls O.J. Simpson To His Face About Murder Allegations [VIDEO])

You can watch both segments below.

The show had some moments that caused outrage and it had others that were truly funny. Anybody who says the piece about arming children wasn’t outrageously humorous is just lying.

I guess we’ll all now have to wait and see whatever it is Cohen decides to cook up next.

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