Congressman Ted Lieu Praises Trump On Syria

(Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon)

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Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu is praising President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

Though one of Trump’s harshest critics, Lieu found some common ground with the president when he announced Wednesday that the United States would begin withdrawing troops from Syria. (RELATED: Trump Clamps Down On Oil Network Aiding Syria, Terror Groups)

“I applaud the decision by [Trump],” Lieu wrote. “Neither the Obama Administration nor the Trump Administration had a strategy. Neither Administration could articulate why we were in Syria, what the end state would be, and how we would achieve it.”

Lieu’s tweet was in response to Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s criticism of the decision, per Manu Raju. “Marco Rubio railed on the president’s decision to pull out of Syria, saying whoever advised him has done a ‘great disservice’ to the country,” Raju’s tweet read in part.

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