Man Deported Twice Murders 2 As A Result Of CA’s Sanctuary Laws

Fox News 12/20/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ Trace Gallagher provided details on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday night, sharing the tragic tale of a twice-deported illegal immigrant who went on a crime spree, killing two people before he was killed in a car chase.

Gustavo Garcia Ruiz was arrested last week and ICE put an immigration detainer on him knowing that he is a violent criminal who has been previously deported. But based on SB 54 — California’s sanctuary laws — ICE was not notified of his release.

Once he was released, he went on a crime spree that included robbing a convenient store, shooting at buildings and killing at least one person (authorities believe he killed another person a day prior to his death as well). It ended when he died in a high-speed car chase, according to Fox News.


“Tucker, in the span of a few hours on Monday, police say Gustavo Garcia Ruiz carried out 11 crimes, including killing a stranger and shooting at others before he was killed during a high-speed police chase. Authorities think Garcia Ruiz also killed another man a day earlier. Last week, Garcia Ruiz was arrested in central California for being under the influence of drugs,” Gallagher stated. (RELATED: U.S. Border Agents Arrest MS-13 Gang Member ‘Intending On Filing For Asylum In The United States)

He continued, “When ICE learned he was in jail, they placed an immigration detainer on him, asking deputies to notify them before releasing him. But under SB 54, California’s sanctuary law, because the suspect wasn’t being held on a felony, law enforcement is prohibited from honoring ICE detainers.”

Gallagher went on to add that ICE isn’t happy about the development either. He explained, “ICE says this, ‘Is unfortunate and an extremely tragic example of how public safety is impacted when laws or policies limiting local law enforcement agencies abilities to cooperate with ICE.'”

“And here’s the gut kick, Garcia Ruiz is a known convicted violent criminal — armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, repeatedly deported, etc, but under SB 54, none of that can be used to notify immigration agents,” Gallagher added.

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