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Scarborough Will Play For A Democratic Governor’s Inaugural Ball

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Joe Scarborough‘s neutering is nearly complete. Not only has he worked for a liberal network for the last 15 years. But he recently married lefty journalist Mika Scarborough. Last year he formally left the Republican Party to become an Independent, though he still sort of considers himself a conservative.

“I’m a conservative from the Deep South,” Scarborough mused to a Connecticut business group in 2015.

Now the MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host has agreed to a singing gig for Democratic Connecticut Gov.-elect Ned Lamont‘s inaugural ball. His band will join him at the highfalutin January 9th soirée.

The news was first reported by the Hartford Courant.

Though it’s not unusual for Scarborough to play for left-leaning entities such as “The View” and “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” this appears to be the first time he has blatantly got into bed with a Democrat. Whoops! No, it’s not the first time. But playing for a Democratic governor seems to be another nail in his GOP coffin.

Over the last year, Scarborough has played coy about 2020 presidential aspirations. It’s no secret that he’s a bitter enemy of President Trump. Scarborough’s wife, Mika, suggested to their Vanity Fair stenographer Emily Jane Fox that some people will assume they got married at the National Archives as a hint of an impending presidential bid.

The Courant‘s story is stuffed with praise and cutsey-ness for the TV super couple. It even mentions that Mika was ahead of the pack when she said in 2015 that Trump would fair better than everyone thought. The lovebirds repeatedly bragged about their incredible crystal ball insight on their show. In 2016, Rolling Stone tarred and feathered the couple for initially sucking up to Trump to get him on the show, dubbing it “Morning Blow.” Writer Matt Taibbi called them “Trump’s lapdogs.”

The piece also mentions Scarborough’s love of snow, despite moving his family to Connecticut from the Sunshine State.