‘This Could Be A Critical Moment’ — Maggie Haberman Hints Republicans Could Turn On Trump Impeachment

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New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said President Donald Trump has reached a “critical moment” with his fellow Republicans and could face impeachment proceedings in the near future.

“We’re at a critical moment. The number of conservatives who I have talked to in the last day, who worked on the campaign, supported the president, who now say, ‘you know what, I regret doing that. This was a mistake.’ This administration is, you know, off the rails. All of these investigations that are coming to a head are going to be a huge problem,” Haberman said on CNN’s “New Day” Friday.

“They are disgusted, for lack of a better word, with what they have seen out of … the details that came out of Michael Cohen plea deal,” she added. “That’s going to actually intensify as we get into the year. And it takes 20 senators to vote in favor of impeachment — Republican senators to vote in favor of impeachment. This could be a critical moment. It also could not be. The president has been at the precipice  before and has pulled back, but I think this one might be different.”


Haberman claimed Trump’s base is losing patience with him for failing to deliver on major campaign promises like the border wall(RELATED: Fundraiser To Build Trump’s Border Wall Exceeds $10 Million)

“They’re running out of patience for his not delivering on what he has said is a bedrock promise and moving away from it. Whether his promise of a wall was realistic or not during the campaign, whether he even believed in it himself, he knew that his supporters did and it became a big symbol,” she said.

“The president is aware that if his base starts to lose him, that’s when the impeachment issue that we talked about before, if you assume that House Democrats are potentially going to go ahead with that and that the Senate will then have to vote on it that if he loses his base then he really doesn’t have anything. And he has always been incredibly invested in preserving that base more so now.”

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