Philly Construction Worker Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Yells At MLB Legend Manny Machado

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Not all heroes wear capes.

In this case, our hero wears a construction hat and lives in the Philly area.

A video grabbing national attention, taken by ESPN SportsCenter reporter Coley Harvey, shows a Philly construction worker hunting MLB free agent Manny Machado down as he gets out of his SUV to meet with the Phillies organization Thursday. Naturally, the important nature of the meeting didn’t stop this Philly man from asking Machado for a photo and then telling him what to do with his career. (RELATED: Local Philly Hero Uses Hairspray As Blowtorch After Receiving An Unsatisfactory Deli Order)

“DO THE RIGHT THING AND SIGN,” he can be heard saying. “GET THE MONEY!”


Unfortunately, Machado didn’t hint at where he’s going to sign, but he did reportedly spend around four hours meeting with the team, so that’s a start.

For what it’s worth: the rumor mill has been flying about Manny Machado signing with the Phillies. writer Todd Zolecki suggests that the Phillies — who are poised to make a big move this offseason — actually prefer Machado to Bryce Harper, the other big-name free agent floating around this offseason.

And while I’ve been covering the Bryce Harper beat pretty regularly, it does make more sense for Philadelphia to sign Manny Machado. The team wants to sign a major player this offseason, but Harper may be too pricey. Machado will probably clock in somewhere around the $300 million contract range, while Harper’s likely to go for around $400 mil. What’s more, Manny reportedly already gets along with the Phillies team, and he’s got plenty of attitude to make it on the Philly streets. Lamp posts beware.

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