This Fitness Tracker Is On Sale For Over Half The Cost Of A Fitbit

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Combine the features of a step tracker, text messenger, and calendar all in one with the PureZen Fitness Tracker. The latest technology in a sleek wristband is on sale for over 70% off today.

Count your steps, distance walked, and calories burned throughout the day. When sitting at your desk, the tracker will remind you to move around during the day to stay on track with your fitness goals. Wear the PureZen Fitness Tracker while sleeping to measure how you sleep to improve your rest. The tracker has been reduced by $90 this holiday season, making it a perfect gift for the person in your life with a goal to get healthy in the new year.

Normally $120, this fitness tracker is 75 percent off

Normally $120, this fitness tracker is 75 percent off

PureZen Fitness Tracker on sale for $29

The PureZen Fitness Tracker isn’t just for exercise. Get notifications of phone calls, text messages, and social media alerts. Keep on top of your to-do list with reminders and notifications from your calendar. A basic FitBit costs at least twice as much as the PureZen Fitness Tracker.

Make a commitment to your health in the new year by buying the PureZen Fitness Tracker in the Daily Caller shop for a sales price of $29. Get an extra 15% off this holiday season by using the coupon code MERRY15 at checkout, bringing the price down to $24.65.

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