No One Cares About The Shutdown And The Racism Of Sharpton And LeBron

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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Just because it’s Christmas Eve doesn’t mean there isn’t news, and when there’s news there is an episode of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast. On today’s show, we talk about surviving the government shutdown. Or, more accurately, how no one is going to notice the shutdown because it started on Friday night and today and tomorrow are holidays, when the government would have been shut down anyway.

We also expose the hypocrisy of Chuck Schumer on immigration, contradicting himself from just five years ago. Also, MSNBC race hustler Al Sharpton is comparing performing in the Super Bowl halftime show with Jim Crow laws. And NBA superstar LeBron James talks about making “Jewish money” and says NFL team owners have a “slave mentality.” All that and more on today’s show.

Listen to the show:

A small part of the government is experiencing a shutdown, and so what? Unreported by an ignorant and biased media is the fact that government workers impacted by the shutdown will still be paid at the end of this week and weren’t going to be working until Wednesday anyway.

Moreover, as Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer digs in his heels, it’s worth noting that just five years ago Chuck sounded remarkably just like President Trump on the issue of illegal immigration and securing our southern border. We have the audio. So what changed? Trump became president by promising a wall, so Democrats can’t let him get one. Democrats are playing politics with American security.

Al Sharpton is attacking Travis Scott for agreeing to perform on the biggest stage of his career – with Maroon 5 during the halftime show at the Super Bowl. The race-hustling, tax-cheating MSNBC host who recently sold his own life story to his charity for half-a-million dollars, compared performing at the halftime show to the Democrat Party-created Jim Crow laws of the past. You have to hear it to believe it.

NBA star LeBron James had a busy weekend of stupid, posting on social media about making “Jewish money” and comparing NFL team owners to slave owners on his HBO show. James, who’s been filthy rich since turning pro at 18, likely never really had to answer to the person signing the fronts of checks and can’t really relate to anyone who signs the backs of them either. His stunning ignorance and racism are being covered up by media sycophants and biased journalists, but we aren’t either, so we lay it out plain as day.

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