The Hollywood Reporter Names ‘Yellowstone’ One Of The Worst Shows Of 2018. Here’s Why They’re Wrong

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The Hollywood Reporter published an embarrassing piece Monday when they named “Yellowstone” one of the worst shows of 2018.

As everybody knows, I already named the Kevin Costner hit on the Paramount Network the best show of 2018. Why The Hollywood Reporter would go against me is something I just don’t understand. Yet, they clearly did. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here right now. (RELATED: Here’s Our Choice For The Best TV Show Of 2018. The Fans Will Certainly Agree With The Pick)

THR wrote the following when trying to disparage one of the greatest shows ever made:

Well, people over 55 totally loved this series — maybe because they do less streaming or like things to feel and look like they did 30 years ago? Yellowstone was the first drama for the Paramount Network (yeah, that’s really a thing) and the first foray into series television for Kevin Costner. Billed as “epic,” it delivered with excessive helicopter shots — and the use of a real helicopter that almost became a character. But mostly there were epic amounts of soapy nonsense here, including Costner talking existentially to a dying horse in the opening minutes of the first episode and Kelly Reilly going beyond scenery-chewing vamp-sexiness to actually chasing wolves in a dress and spouting this line, emblematic of so many others: “It’s only the things that I love that die, Rip, not me.” A little bit of me died while watching it, I know that. But Yellowstone was renewed.

This review from THR honestly makes me want to vomit. I’m not sure what show the author watched but it clearly wasn’t “Yellowstone.”

Anybody who has watched one second of that show knows just how incredible it is. The modern day Western is all about the best parts of America. It’s about guns, hard work, ranching, looking out for your family and not letting people push you around. Again, it’s the most badass show on television.

Apparently upholding old fashioned ideals like family, the Second Amendment, land ownership and privacy no longer qualify for good television in the eyes of some publications. Despicable.


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I simply don’t understand how anybody could watch this Paramount Network production and not love it. Do they not have a heart? Do they not love America? Do they not love guns? What the hell is wrong with them?

Somebody please explain it to me because it doesn’t make sense at all.


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If a part of you “died while watching” Yellowstone, then you need to reach down in your pants to make sure your testicles are still there. I’m not sure there’s a more blunt way I can put it because this show is awesome.

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