Bob Woodward: Government Shutdown Has Become A ‘Governing Crisis’ For Trump

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Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward said the current government shutdown and the departure of key cabinet officials has created a “governing crisis” for President Donald Trump.

“It’s a governing crisis,” he said on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday. (RELATED: Trump Tells Reporters The Government Will Stay Shutdown Until The Wall Is Built)

“You have the exit of Mattis which is a tragedy for the country, a tragedy for President Trump. Mattis was able to thread the needle and try to make his points, and quite frankly, educate President Trump on some of these issues. And so the departure of him is something that is, I think, going down in the history books.”


Woodward claimed the only way through the chaos is for both sides to come to an agreement on immigration, saying the amount of money Trump is asking for is quite reasonable.

“I’m sorry to go back to this idea of a deal, but this is the only way you get out of the mess we’re in,” he said. “In a traditional deal, it’s one for you, one for me. People are going to have to give up some of the things that they hold dear. Now President Trump is obsessed with the wall and wants $5 billion. The Democrats say they’re not going to give it to him. Unfortunately, Trump probably is not going to give on that. The amount of money, $5 billion, is not much.”

“If we’re just going to have the situation that we’re in right now, Trump is not inclined to give. The Democrats are not inclined to give. There’s a government shutdown. Somebody has to be brave and say let’s sit down and talk,” Woodward concluded.

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