NBA Star Runs Over National Anthem Singer. The Video Is Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

Russell Westbrook (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video Bleacher Report)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook accidentally drilled the national anthem singer Tuesday against the Houston Rockets.

Bleacher Report tweeted out a video Wednesday morning of the dynamic guard backpedalling before the game started to get ready, and he accidentally steamrolled the young woman who had sung the anthem.

I generally don’t laugh about moments involving the national anthem, but this one is just too good to hold back. (RELATED: Mitt Romney Taunting Russell Westbrook Is The Best Video On The Internet Today)

Watch the video below. Trust me, you’re going to find it very humorous.

You’ve got to love how Westbrook quickly helped her up and then played it off.

Knocking over the anthem singer is almost like taking a direct swipe at our freedom and the liberties we enjoy in this country. Is it at as bad as kneeling? No, but it’s got to be close.*

Luckily, Westbrook is a good dude, and did the right thing by offering his assistance.


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It’s just one of those fun moments we all get to laugh at and then move forward. No harm, no foul.

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*You need to lighten up if you think I’m seriously comparing Westbrook to NFL anthem kneelers. Save yourself some time and don’t bother jumping in the comment section.