Baker Mayfield Admits To Giving His Former Coach A Death Stare. Here’s What He Said

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield wants people to know he did indeed stare down his former coach Hue Jackson this past Sunday.

The dominating rookie quarterback appeared to give Jackson — who joined the Cincinnati Bengals after being fired by the Browns — a death stare as he ran down the sideline during the Browns win.

Turns out that’s exactly what he did, and he doesn’t really care if people know it.

Mayfield told the media the following late Wednesday when discussing his stare down of Hue Jackson:

I’m not trying to get anybody’s approval. I’m trying to win football games and do this for as long as I can. That’s the goal. And the guys inside this locker room know that. They know that I would fight for them. They know that I would take a bullet for them. To me, that’s what matters. I don’t have to make any friends outside of this locker room. I’m not trying to do that. Once they’re in here, they know exactly what they’re gonna get. And that’s what really matters.

You can watch him make his full comments below.

I know that I’ve been very critical of Mayfield on here when I feel like he deserves it. I don’t hold back, and we shouldn’t when it comes to putting players under a microscope. (RELATED: Baker Mayfield Crashes Back Down To Reality In Embarrassing Loss. Will It Humble Him?)

However, I must admit that I admire the fact he doesn’t back down from a decision once he’s made it. Whether I like the decision or action is one thing, but I do appreciate the fact he holds the line.

Way too many people get flimsy in the face of criticism. Clearly, Mayfield doesn’t.


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Now, does that mean I think Mayfield doesn’t have a big mouth or doesn’t need to chill out a bit? Nope. I still absolutely think both of those things are true.

He can have a big mouth and be applauded for holding the line at the same time, which is exactly what I’m doing here.

Say whatever you want about Mayfield, but there’s no doubt he’s good for content.

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