Media Attacks Trump For Not Visiting The Troops While He’s Visiting Troops In Iraq

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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It was another bad day for journalism. On today’s show we talk about the hilarious timing of the groupthink media criticizing President Donald Trump for not visiting troops during the Christmas season on the very day he and the first lady paid a surprise visit to troops in Iraq. In typical media fashion, once the attack they had started the day with became inoperative, they switched tactics to complaining that it took Trump too long to visit troops in a war zone. They also attacked the troops who were happy to see them. We cover all this and more on Thursday’s episode of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast.

Listen to the show:

Wednesday morning started with one media narrative — Donald Trump is neglecting the troops — and it ended with an opposite narrative, with each being spun to attack the president. Several news outlets ran stories on how the president had broken tradition by not visiting with troops during the Christmas season. As those stories were making the rounds on the internet, the president and first lady were on a secret trip to visit troops in Iraq. By the time they landed, NBC, Yahoo, QZ, and more had run their stories of the president ignoring the troops.

With egg on their faces, the media remained undeterred. They simply shifted their criticism from “the president is ignoring the troops” to “it took the president too long to visit troops in a war zone.” You can’t make this stuff up, and we have the proof.

CNN took their Trump Derangement Syndrome to new lows when they decided to attack troops, who seemed excited to meet the president and took the opportunity to get their “MAGA” hats autographed. It’s audio you have to hear to believe.

The New York Times ran a story that contained no proof, but since it was an attack on Trump, no proof was needed. The Times tracked down the daughters of the foot doctor who diagnosed a young Donald Trump with bone spurs. Without proof, and really only the girls’ faded memories to go on, the Times ran with the claim that Trump faked the condition to dodge the draft during Vietnam. Both daughters are Democrats who dislike the president, but the Times was unfazed, running the story on its front page.

Finally, robbers had a plan to get some quick cash — rip off a hardware store and pawn their booty. They didn’t count on six (yes, six!) customers being armed and confronting them. They drove off with bullet holes in their tires and didn’t get far. It’s a little bit of instant karma.

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