Wisconsin’s Football Team Becomes The First Big Ten Program To Pull Off This Accomplishment

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The Wisconsin Badgers have etched themselves into the history of the Big Ten conference.

The Badgers are the first team in conference history to win five consecutive bowl games, which is impressive as hell.

In the last five years, the team has won the Outback Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl and the Pinstripe Bowl. I understand if you don’t want to count the last one. I don’t take the Pinstripe Bowl seriously either. (RELATED: The Wisconsin Badgers End The 2018 Football Season With A Glorious Blowout Win)

It is kind of crazy that we’re finding all these silver linings after this atrocious 8-5 season my squad just had.

Jonathan Taylor ripped off for more than 2,000 yards on the ground, Chryst is tied for second in the Big Ten for most wins in his first two years and now we’re the first program to win five consecutive bowl games.

That’s not a bad run at all.


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Does it make up for an eight-win season? Hell no, but I guess it could have gone worse. It’s important in life to find the good in all events.

Now, it’s time to get started on 2019. I think there are some big things on the horizon.

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