2018 Was A Banner Year. Here’s All The Great Reasons Why

David Hookstead (Credit: David Hookstead)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The past year has been a hell of a ride.

In life, it’s important to take moments from time to time to reflect on the journey. If you don’t stop to think about winning the Super Bowl, then why are you even chasing a ring?

The best part of any story is often the journey that takes you from point to point. After all, last time I checked, nobody has ever made it out of this life alive. So, you might as well crack a few beers and enjoy the ride.

That’s why we’re here today. 2018 was the definition of a banner year. It was just another year of absolute domination. (RELATED: The Smoke Room’s State Of The Union: It’s Officially Been Three Years Since I Began This Journey)

I set out to dominate the internet, build an empire, control the narrative and provide entertainment to people in a way that we hadn’t seen before.

Well, I think it’s safe to say my team and I did all of that in spades.

From a business perspective, we provided the best sports takes, entertainment, news, women content and so much more.

There isn’t anybody on the entire internet doing what we’re doing and that’s a fact. One story is about how Matthew Stafford is the king of the NFL, despite the lackluster surroundings, and the next story is about a rapper going to jail. Good look finding so much diversity elsewhere.


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Did we have some dark moments? Sure. The Badgers football team was awful in 2018, our basketball team missed the tournament and the Lions once again were pathetic.

In life, it’s how you respond to getting knocked down that defines who you are.

Could I have packed it in? Sure, but last time I checked empires weren’t built by going home early. They’re built by crushing absolutely everybody in your way.

Trust me, I didn’t survive the cold harsh Wisconsin winters by being a wimp, and now that’s the same attitude we’ve employed here. Either get onboard or get out of the way because we’re not slowing down.

Hell, we’re at a point now where I can’t even write a story without shaking HBO to its core. That’s real power. Forget having a billion dollars (for the time being). We’re making changes any way we can.

Thank you to everybody who comes on here everyday and spends some time consuming our content. We wouldn’t be where we are without all the loyal readers, and you all play a huge part of this.

Stay tuned because I promise 2019 is going to be loaded with great stuff. It’s only onward and upward.