Anderson Cooper Gets Drunk On Tequila On CNN’s New Year’s Eve Broadcast


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper became increasingly inebriated during the network’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast as he and co-host Andy Cohen took hourly tequila shots on air.

Cooper made it clear at the top of CNN’s broadcast from New York City’s Times Square that he is not a heavy drinker and would probably struggle to throw back the shots. (RELATED: CNN’s Randi Kaye Does Champagne Bong On New Year’s Eve Broadcast)

During the first tequila shot at 8 pm, Cooper physically grimaced and coughed with disgust.

“I feel like my lungs are scorched,” Cooper complained.

“It’s just the beginning,” Cohen warned.


Cooper again squawked in pain during the 9 pm shot, screeching, “It’s like burning your lungs!”

During the 10 pm shot, Cohen called out Cooper for being overly dramatic with his reactions to the tequila, as Cooper admitted he would “rather have Nyquil.”

Cooper’s 11 pm shot went down much smoother, and shortly thereafter Cooper joked that he is worried Cohen might try to kiss him when the ball drops.

“Actually I’m not planning on that, to tell you the truth,” Cohen said as Cooper wiped his brow with faux relief.

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