Democratic Identity Will Collapse Once Trump Leaves Office, Says Jonathan Turley

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George Washington Law School Professor Jonathan Turley said on “Fox & Friends” Monday that the Democratic party will lose its identity once President Donald Trump leaves office.

Turley claimed Democrats have become so obsessed with Trump that the rest of their platform is eroding and beginning to fall away. (RELATED: Law Professor Jonathan Turley Calls Mueller Findings ‘Serious’ But Says No Evidence Of Election Fraud)

“I grew up in a staunchly Democratic family in Chicago, and the Democratic Party used to represent something,” Turley said. “But what we’ve seen in the last two years is that they’ve become the inverse image of Donald Trump — that this obsession is really worthy of Melville. It’s this all consuming effort, which is beginning to erode what defines the Democrats. And what happens when Donald Trump leaves office? What is left of your party?”


Turley then accused Democratic leaders of rescinding their long-held beliefs simply to oppose Trump and called their behavior “mystifying.”

“If you take a look at the last year, it’s really mystifying. You know, when we were dealing with the FBI material that the Congress was seeking to release to the public, the FBI redacted a huge amount of that material and many of us said, look, this is part of a pattern with the FBI,” he declared. “They often over-classify. It is often to protect themselves from embarrassment, not national security. And yet the Democrats said no, no you just have to accept what the FBI is saying about classification.”

“Well, when those redactions were lifted, we found out they weren’t really classified,” Turley continued. “They were shielding embarrassing things about FBI officials. When Donald Trump said I want to get out of Syria and Afghanistan, the Democrats who’ve long opposed endless or undeclared wars said oh my God this is hasty. How could you do this? We have to fight terrorism.”

“All of these things lead you to wonder what is left of the Democratic party, beyond being opposed to Donald Trump,” he concluded.

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