NFL Week 17 Wrap Up: Here Are The Best Moments You May Have Missed

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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It’s finally here.

The last week of the NFL regular season has come and gone and while it’s been a long road to get here, I don’t think any of us are ready to say goodbye.

Here are some of the best moments you may have missed.

Josh Allen’s last hurrah of the season was pretty incredible:

The Lions completely shut out the Packers and Green Bay is ready to make some changes:

The Patriots showed no mercy and secured their first round bye:

The Panthers enjoyed a dead cat bounce against the Brees-less Saints:

The Texans aren’t taking their feet off the gas:

The Cowboys almost didn’t win:

Falcons-Bucs. Oof:

Chiefs keep rolling:

Seahawks narrowly avoided an embarrassing loss and locked up a spot in the playoffs:

The Rams just won’t let up:

Is it time to acknowledge that the Chargers actually have a very real shot at the Super Bowl? Anyone?

The Bears helped the Eagles make the playoffs, and next week is gonna be HOT:

Which, of course, brings us to the most electric game of Week 17, when the Eagles shut out the Skins:

Lamar Jackson vs. Baker Mayfield was one of the most unexpectedly fun games of the season:

The Steelers just barely missed the playoffs:

And the Colts locked up a spot in the playoffs by defeating the Titans on SNF:

Wild Card week kicks off Saturday, Jan. 5 at 4:35 p.m. when the Colts meet the Texas. We’ll see you there.

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