Joan Walsh Lets Loose On Politico Over Piece Comparing Sen. Warren To Hillary

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joan Walsh let loose on Politico Tuesday over an article that compared Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Hillary Clinton — specifically on the basis of their relative unfavorability.

“How dare you?” Walsh asked, adding that the article was so offensive that it made her “want to get into” Warren’s corner even though she was not ready to make an official endorsement.

But the CNN contributor’s diatribe was just getting started. She proceeded to list nearly every potential Democratic 2020 candidate, asking why such articles had not also been written about them. (RELATED: President Trump Welcomes Elizabeth Warren Presidential Run)

Joe Biden:

Sherrod Brown:

Kamala Harris:

Jeff Merkley:

Amy Klobuchar:

Kirsten Gillibrand:

Bernie Sanders:

Politico’s article specifically addressed issues such as the fact that Warren has already been labeled “too divisive and too liberal” by members of her own party and the disastrous revelation of her DNA-test results.

Another issue, according to Democratic strategist Dave Jacobson, is the fact that she has allowed others to define her instead of going out and defining herself. “From an earned-media perspective, she hasn’t been out defining herself. She’s been defined by the speculative echo chamber that is Washington,” he said.

After announcing the formation of a 2020 presidential exploratory committee, Warren spent some time on Saturday live-streaming herself on Instagram drinking beer and cooking dinner.

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