WATCH: Mascot Fight Nearly Breaks Out At Sugar Bowl. This Is Wild

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A fight almost broke out before the Sugar Bowl between Georgia and Texas, but no players were involved.

Before the game, the two schools’ mascots, the bulldog “Uga” for Georgia and “Bevo” the the Texas longhorn got together for a photo shoot, but Bevo was having none of it, instigating an incident that was very scary, but also pretty funny. (RELATED: Georgia Football Coach Addresses Star QB Potentially Leaving. Here’s What He Said)

As you can see, Bevo is not into the sportsmanship aspect of tonight’s game. In all seriousness, we’re all very lucky that something more serious didn’t happen.

I can’t imagine who thought it was a good idea to put two live animals on the field before a football team, but I can imagine that person will not be invited back to the next creative meeting.

The good news is that Bevo’s time on the field will likely be coming to an end sometime soon.

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