Ryan Clark Rips Pittsburgh Steelers Star Antonio Brown. Says Money Will Make Him A ‘Monster’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Ryan Clark didn’t sound like the biggest fan of former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Antonio Brown during a recent ESPN appearance.

Brown has been in the news after it was reported that he missed the final game of the year after an altercation at practice. That’s obviously not a good look at all.

Well, judging from Clark’s comments on ESPN, the problems with Brown might go a hell of a lot deeper than one incident at practice. (RELATED: Antonio Brown Didn’t Play For The Steelers After Skipping Practice)

Clark told the following to Scott VanPelt late Monday night:

Antonio is going into his third year. You hear that Mike Wallace has turned down his deal, and I knew already they were going to offer Antonio, and when he’s walking past, I turn to to the strength coaches and I say, ‘When you give him money, you’re going to create a monster.’ That day in practice, Antonio and I almost get into a fight because he’s saying things to Coach LeBeau. He’s screaming at Coach LeBeau. He’s saying things to us defensively. ‘Don’t touch me. I’m the franchise.’

I don’t know Antonio Brown at all, and as far as I know, we have zero mutual connections. Still, I feel more than confident in saying he sounds like a terrible teammate if what Clark is saying is even 10-percent true.

He’s damn lucky he didn’t get punched in the face by a defensive player after telling them he was the franchise. There are several guys in the NFL who would start swinging if a receiver told them that. Several of them!

I don’t know what the deal is with Brown and the Steelers right now, but you simply can’t deal with a guy who has that kind of attitude. It’s a bad situation when former teammates are on national television ripping you to shreds.


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Brown better figure out a way to be a better teammate or he’ll likely be looking for a new team sooner than later.

You can’t let a guy skip games over practice altercations stick around because it’s a cancer to the rest of the guys. A message needs to be sent, and the best way to do it might be by shipping him the hell out of Pittsburgh.

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