Jim McVay Makes Over $1 Million For Running Outback Bowl

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Jim McVay has made a ton of money to run the Outback Bowl for several decades.

College football is no stranger to large salaries and tons of cash. It’s one of the main facets of the sports, but a new report sheds a shocking light on just how much money McVay has made to oversee one game a year. He’s cashing massive checks to control a bowl game that isn’t even near the top six or seven out there.

The Washington Post reported the following:

But even among this coterie of well-paid executives, McVay’s compensation — $1,045,000 in 2017, according to the bowl’s most recent tax filing — ranks as extreme, according to a review of bowl financial records and interviews with industry experts.

McVay, a former Buccaneers marketing executive and uncle to Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay, was the highest-paid bowl executive in the country in 2017, the most recent year financial records are available, even though his organization’s revenue that year — $11.9 million — ranked 10th among bowl organizations.

Another main reason the Outback board has more than tripled McVay’s pay over the last 20 years, according to Schember, is because McVay routinely tells them NFL teams are trying to pry him out of the bowl world.

Hey, some people might say paying him over a million dollars a year to control 60 minutes of game clock is a bit excessive, but I say you just can’t knock the hustle. (RELATED: Texas Blows Away Georgia 28-21 In The Sugar Bowl)

Anybody who successfully convinces a body of people to pay them over a million dollars to run the Outback Bowl is an absolute genius. There’s no other way to put it. I probably wouldn’t pay somebody more than $200,000 to do that job if I was in charge. After all, we’re not talking about a New Year’s Six bowl here.

We’re talking about the Outback Bowl. Iowa played Mississippi State in that game this year. Again, that’s not a bad matchup, but it’s hardly elite.


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Lots of people might want to criticize here, but I’m all for this guy getting his money. More power too him, and I love the fact he’s leveraging offers from “NFL teams” in order to make sure the money stream never stops.

That’s a veteran move if I’ve ever seen one.

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