People Think Georgia Should Be Kicked Out Of The SEC After Losing To Texas

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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People think it’s time for Georgia to pack their bags and leave the SEC after their embarrassing loss to Texas in the Sugar Bowl.

Georgia, a team some idiots actually thought was a national title contender, was dominated by Texas Tuesday. Just absolutely dominated.

As somebody who recognizes the pride of SEC fans, I had to ask whether or not it was time for SEC to give Georgia the boot. Turns out, a lot of people agree. Over 50 percent of people who voted in my poll want Georgia to get the hell out. (RELATED: Texas Blows Away Georgia 28-21 In The Sugar Bowl)

This is the first time in a long time that I agree with people in the SEC. You simply can’t let Georgia stay if you have any pride at all in the conference. Just can’t let it happen!

The Longhorns lost to Maryland — yes, Maryland — and then turned around to smack the Bulldogs all over the place.

Is the SEC really going to let Georgia stay in the conference after that kind of embarrassment?


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They damn well shouldn’t. Either the SEC is all they brag about being, or they’re frauds. If they don’t self-police their own, then why should the rest of us take them seriously?

Georgia has brought great shame to the conference and all the people who enjoy SEC football. Great shame, indeed.


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Now, something must be done, and I do think it’s time for Georgia to go. Maybe a few years in a mid-major conference will toughen them up. Clearly, they’re not ready for the big stage.

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