U.K. Questions If Migrants Coming From France Are “Genuine”


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Amid Europe’s latest migrant crisis, the U.K. government is questioning whether migrants coming from France have legitimate asylum claims.

The salient question was posed Wednesday by British Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who expressed frustration at the large number of asylum claims coming from a seemingly safe European country. (RELATED: Tijuana Official: There Are 6,200 Migrants And ‘The People From Tijuana Are Frustrated’)

“If you are a genuine asylum seeker why have you not sought asylum in the first country that you arrived in?” Javid asked. “France is not a country where anyone would argue it is not safe in any way whatsoever, and if you are genuine then why not seek asylum in your first safe country?”

According to The Telegraph, over 100 migrants have made their way across the English Channel since Christmas Eve.

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