Warren Sends Fundraising Memo Accusing Politico Of Sexism For Hillary Comparison

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent out a fundraising email Wednesday accusing Politico of “gendered nonsense,” for an article comparing her to Hillary Clinton.

The article titled, “Warren battles the ghosts of Hillary,” compared her to the 2016 Democratic nominee and questions Warren’s likability as she prepares to mount a presidential campaign. Warren’s team immediately seized on the article, accusing the author of sexism. (RELATED: Joan Walsh Lets Loose On Politico Over Piece Comparing Sen. Warren To Hillary)

“We’re used to the tired, beard-stroking opinion pieces masquerading as smart political analysis,” the email read. “We’re used to being compared to any woman who’s ever lost an election.”

The email also likened the article to “Republican propaganda.”

“We’re used to the anonymous, angsty quotes from ‘concerned’ insiders, and the she-can-never-win garbage churned out by the Republican propaganda machine and recycled by the media.”

Long considered a Democratic front-runner, Warren officially announced the formation of an exploratory committee Monday, becoming the first prominent Democrat to take that step in challenging President Donald Trump in 2020.

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