CNN Covers Nancy Pelosi’s Ice Cream-Eating Habits As She Heads Into Second Speakership


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN courted soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi and took her out for ice cream in a segment that aired on the network Thursday morning.

Pelosi, a Democratic Rep. from California, is set to begin her second reign as Speaker of the House this week. In preparation, CNN interviewed Pelosi in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. (RELATED: Pelosi’s Daughter Says Her Mom Will ‘Cut Your Head Off And You Won’t Even Know You’re Bleeding)

CNN political correspondent Dana Bash did the honors of walking around Little Italy with Pelosi and even stopping into her favorite shop for ice cream.


“She attributes her boundless energy to Italian genes. It’s certainly not a balanced diet — dark chocolate and ice cream,” Bash narrated in a voiceover. “Vaccaro’s has been her favorite since she was a little girl.”

CNN then showed Pelosi ordering “chocolate, not chocolate chip” ice cream because she likes her chocolate “unadulterated.”

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow later commented on the interview by joking about Pelosi’s ice cream habits, laughing and saying, “That was fascinating … she likes her chocolate unadulterated!”

“No white chocolate, no milk chocolate, dark chocolate — period,” Bash confirmed.

During the interview, Bash also highlighted the influences Pelosi took from her parents, how Pelosi thinks she “wields her power” differently than a man might, and how she was able to quell the dissent of some Democratic colleagues who wanted a fresh face in the Speaker role.

In 2017, the same network attacked President Donald Trump for his dessert preferences, mocking the fact that he sometimes gets two scoops of ice cream at dinner while his guests only get one.

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