Democrats Have A Twisted Definition Of Border Security

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On Thursday’s show, we discuss what exactly Democrats mean when they say they support border security but oppose a wall. We also cover the infighting among Democrats about House rules, including the idea that any new programs should be paid for before implementation. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is dealing with sexual harassment allegations from his 2016 campaign, so his campaign manager apologized for hiring so many white guys. And we talk about really bad TV commercials.

Listen to the show:

Newly elected “progressive” Democrats are mad at their current House leadership and the rules they plan to pass today, the first day of the new Congress. Specifically, they don’t like the idea that any new programs need to find cuts or off-sets in order to pay for them — called “PayGo.” Ironic considering Democrats are claiming we can’t afford $5 billion to build a border wall, but they’re willing to spend trillions on socialized medicine without any way to cover the costs.

The shutdown continues, as House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi promises not one dime for a wall. But Pelosi claims Democrats support border security, and are willing to pay for it, just not for any part of a wall. Without a wall, what does “border security” mean? It turns out, nothing. Without a wall to stop people from entering the country illegally, Democrats are only willing to spend more on picking up the illegals and shuttling them to checkpoints where they pinky-swear to return in a year for a court date, then are released into the country. In other words, Democrats don’t support securing the border at all. We make the case.

The 2016 Sanders campaign stands accused of fostering a hostile work environment for women, so the guy who ran it apologized for hiring too many white guys. Seriously.

Democrats want 10 years of tax returns from President Donald Trump, which turns our justice system on its head. With no proof of any crime, Democrats want to look at his returns to see if they can find out. Guilty unless proven innocent, kind of like the Brett Kavanaugh model of due process.

And we talk about really stupid television commercials, including spouses spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars for Christmas. Wouldn’t that lead to problems, even divorce?

All that and more on the show today.

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