‘Monday Night Football’ Crew Will Work College Football National Championship Game

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN is letting the “Monday Night Football” crew get involved with the college national championship game for some mind-boggling reason.

Saturday Tradition reported the following Thursday:

ESPN is making a slight change to one of its coverage options for Monday night’s national championship matchup between No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson. This one won’t be popular, either.

The popular “Coaches Film Room” viewing option is being replaced with a “Monday Night Football Film Room,” according to ESPN. That means Joe Tessitore, Booger McFarland, Jason Witten and Todd McShay will call Monday’s national title game.

Here is a live look at my reaction to this abysmal update on the showdown between Alabama and Clemson:

The “Coaches Film Room” is one of the coolest parts of the college bowl season. It’s awesome. You know what’s not awesome? The ‘MNF‘ crew. I don’t have anything against them personally, but let’s not try to pretend they’re even close to being the same. (RELATED: Who Will Win The College Football National Championship? One Team Is A Heavy Favorite)

I want coaches breaking down the game as they sit there watching and knowing that they didn’t make it. It’s one of the best parts. The raw emotions and pure honesty.

I couldn’t care less what the guys on ‘MNF’ think. How is ESPN this stupid?

It is so easy to not screw up the national title game. It is so incredibly easy. Yet, somehow, ESPN found a way to do it.

What the hell is wrong with them? Congratulations, ESPN. You took the one pure thing left in my life and ruined it. I hope you’re all happy.

Make sure to tune in Monday night to watch the “MNF” ruin the biggest game of the year.

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