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Hey April Ryan, Where Are The Mashed Potatoes?


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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April Ryan is strictly a meat and icing kind of gal.

The White House correspondent for American Urban Radio, who is known for her prickly  relationship with President Trump, appeared on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer program Thursday and mangled a smorgasbord of food metaphors in a fierce defense of newly installed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). She mixed in a gum cliché for good measure.

Blitzer asked how Pelosi was going to balance all the internal pressures in her party.

Somehow Ryan took that question as a slight to the world’s female population. Setting aside her sensitivity regarding gender, there’s no doubt about Ryan’s toughness as a reporter. She even plays paparazzi when the spirit moves her — she recently taunted former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer by yelling at him on the White House grounds and filming him blatantly ignoring her.

“I hate for that question to be asked in 2019 for a woman,” Ryan began.

Since the show airs during the dinnertime hour, maybe she was hungry or hankering for a piece of Juicy Fruit.

“She is capable,” Ryan said, defending Pelosi. “She can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

This is where things get rough.

“She is someone who cuts through all that fluff, cuts through all the icing and gets to the cake, gets to the meat to go in and do what she needs to do,” she said. “There’s so much beyond this wall issue and she is ready for that.”

“She cuts through the icing to to the cake?” a Mirror writer friend asked. “She cuts through the meat? That sounds disgusting.”

Ryan pointedly left out potatoes, other vegetables and any side dishes.

In her defense, Ryan does a lot of cable news TV, so maybe she just got flustered.

Speaking of fluff, there is the issue of Pelosi and ice cream that CNN’s Dana Bash recently highlighted in a segment in Baltimore. It’s a staple of her diet, as is dark chocolate. (RELATED: CNN Covers Pelosi Ice Cream Habits)