Former NFL QB Carson Palmer Says Playing In The Playoffs Isn’t As Hard As People Think

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former NFL star Carson Palmer apparently doesn’t think playing in the playoffs is overly difficult.

Palmer, who played for the Cardinals, Bengals and Raiders, said the following during a Friday appearance on FS1, according to

It’s not as big as we all make it to be on the outside – we’re talking about it every day, we’re hyping it up. I felt like, as a player, you could kind of relate it to Week 1 … There’s more pressure, no doubt. But I don’t think guys hit harder or tackle harder or run faster … From a player’s standpoint, you’ve got to get your massage, you’ve got to get your practice, you’ve got to get your film study, you’ve got to get your game plan. You get to Sunday, you play, and you hope you get another Sunday.

I appreciate Palmer’s sentiments here, and I get what he’s saying. Of course guys don’t run faster, hit harder, catch better or throw stronger during the postseason.

That’s all incredibly obvious, but maybe this relaxed attitude is why he only played in a grand total of four playoff games. (RELATED: Only One Of The Top Paid QBs In The NFL Is Likely Playoff Bound, And It’s Not Who You’d Expect)

Everything matters more when a championship is on the line. That’s just a fact, and anybody who doesn’t agree clearly doesn’t know a damn thing about sports.


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And for the record, I like Palmer. He seems like a super chill dude who would be a blast to drink beer with. I’m just not so sure I like his outlook here.

I want my quarterback to feel a special tingle every time he touches the field in the postseason. I want the air to feel different in his lungs.

I guess that’s just what separates some of us. There are those who are content with just doing their thing, and then there are those of us who change the whole game. What side are you? I’m guessing if you look at most champions, you’ll realize they’re on my side.