Johnny Manziel: Kanye West Is ‘Worried’ About Drake

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Johnny Manziel weighed in on the beef between Drake and Kanye West, but remained pretty neutral.

The two rappers have not been on great terms for sometime now, and have been publicly airing it out. Kim Kardashian even got involved at one point warning Drake on Twitter to never threaten her husband.

Part of the beef is also believed to have originated because Drake might be under the belief that Kanye helped expose his secret child. (RELATED: Here’s How Many NFL Teams Are Apparently Still Interested In Johnny Manziel)

Naturally, Kanye has also been spouting off on Twitter.

You know that Johnny Football just had to get involved. Manziel said the following on his “Comeback SZN” podcast, according to Complex:

Sometimes Kanye just says whatever the f**k he wants and people make a big deal out of it. I don’t know if it’s real beef or anything like that. I don’t think anything is too big to overcome anymore … It sounds like Kanye is a little worried about Drake. Like he’s going to call someone to beat him up or something. Drake’s just kind of sitting back and not saying a whole lot during this. Kanye’s just kind of talking recklessly.

Say whatever you want about Manziel, but his ability to get involved in absolutely everything is incredible. He just is able to always have his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the entertainment world. It’s truly incredible.


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I’m also a little surprised that Manziel kind of played the middle of the road here. He has very well-documented relationship with Drake, but didn’t exactly come out swinging against Kanye.


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According to the same Complex report, he also added that 2019 would be the “year of Ye.” It doesn’t get much more middle of the road than that.

Maybe we should just start getting Manziel’s takes on all the beefs in the entertainment industry. Now, that would be content gold for his podcast. He can go ahead and write me a check anytime he wants for the genius idea.

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