Donny Deutsch Tried To Make Trump’s Press Conference Flanked By Hispanic BP Agents About ‘Making America White Again’ And Joe Scarborough Wasn’t Having It

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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” regular Donny Deutsch claimed President Donald Trump’s underlying message at Thursday’s press briefing was to “keep America white again,” and host Joe Scarborough stepped in to remind him Hispanic-Americans work for border patrol as well.

“Well, that was very clear. You have, I mean, you have four white men, you have four stoic, strong white men of a certain age, not smiling by the way, and look — this is all Donald has left. He has one thing. This wall is not a wall. It is a — let’s keep America white again. And basically, he doesn’t have the economy anymore,” Deutsch said Friday.

“All the things he used to be able to point to and say, ‘well, I’m a jerk but’ — not that he says I’m a jerk. But we look at him and he’s a jerk but, they’re not there anymore. This is all he has left.” (RELATED: Donny Deutsch Fancies Himself A Hooker Expert)


Scarborough refuted Deutsch’s claim and said there are Hispanic-Americans who guard the border and work for border patrol. (RELATED: Fact Check: Are Half Of All Border Patrol Agents Hispanic?)

“Donny, you’ve really gone much longer than we expected to go. We just wanted a quick jab, in and out,” Scarborough said. “It wasn’t just about making America white again. There are Hispanics, a lot of Hispanics in the border guard, border patrol.”

Deutsch also said Trump’s last resort is to divide people by race and convince his base that minorities, Jewish people and the media are responsible for their plight.

“That one metaphor … that says either the black man or the brown man or the Jewish man or the media man or the banker man is coming to take your life. You’re not in the position you’re in because of you. It’s because of everybody else,” he said. “That’s all he has left as the economy slows down.”

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