‘He Picked The Wrong Guy’ — Violent Mugger Gets LIT UP By World Class Kickboxing Champ

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Jena Greene Reporter
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At least one mugger has probably learned his lesson after he attempted to violently mug a world-champion kickboxer in Florida this week.

Steve Shepherd, who was walking toward his car after leaving Anita’s Mexican Grill in West Palm Beach, had recently strained his leg while training. The 68-year-old kickboxer was walking with a limp and looked like a prime target for a mugging. So a thief approached him, hit him on the back of his head with a bottle, punched him in the face and said “Give me your [expletive] phone.” (RELATED: SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Offers Fiery-Throated Defense Of The Second Amendment)

But Shepherd, a five-time kickboxing world champion, went into full-fledged offense mode.

“He picked the wrong guy,” Shepherd told the Palm Beach Post. He then explained how he proceeded to annihilate his attacker, limb by limb.

He first threw a right cross at his mugger, and when he raised his hands to protect his face, Shepherd went in for his stomach.

“And then he just crumbled right there,” he explained. “I felt (his ribs) crack.”

People began noticing the two fighting and attempted to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, the mugger got away. Who knows what would have happened if he had not.

Even crazier: Shepherd is still training for a fight this March. He’s been instrumental in getting a law changed to allow people 50 and above to fight competitively. He eventually won and, at 68, he’s likely to be the oldest person ever to fight competitively.

“Maybe it’ll make people 50 and older feel a little less old and feel a little more useful,” he explained.

Useful, and dangerous.

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