Celebrate Nicolas Cage’s Birthday With His Best Movies

(Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

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January 7 is Nicolas Cage’s 55th birthday.

One of the most polarizing actors of the 21st century, most Americans have an opinion on Cage, whether it’s good or bad. However, whether you love or hate Cage, it’s impossible to deny his versatility as an actor. From comedies to action flicks and kids’ movies, nobody in Hollywood has a resume that can match his. (RELATED: Looks Like Nicolas Cage Actually Made An Interesting Movie)

So, without further ado here are the best moments of Nicolas Cage’s acting career.

“Raising Arizona”: Arguably Cage’s breakout movie, “Raising Arizona” still stands the test of time. The 1987 crime-comedy will fill you with laughs, intensity, and maybe a little bit of confusion.

“Leaving Las Vegas:” An intense romantic-drama, this 1995 classic will pull at your heartstrings.

“The Rock:” An intense thriller, this 1996 classic will have you at the edge of your seat the entire way.

“National Treasure:” Take a tour of Washington, D.C. with this warm 2004 classic that has become true to its name.

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