Joe Manchin Gets CNN’s Chris Cuomo To Admit A Fence Is Necessary

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Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin got CNN host Chris Cuomo to respond with a “sure” to the idea that a “fencing of some sort” is needed at the border.

The admission came during a wide-ranging conversation on Monday’s edition of “Cuomo Prime Time” about the partial government shutdown and President Donald Trump’s desire for border barrier funding to be included in any bill he signs.


Diverting away from Trump and others’ stated need for a border wall, Cuomo noted that the contention that “we’re a wall away from safety” is “not true.”

However, both agreed on several things needed to make the border safe, including drones and more agents.

“There are so many things that we need to secure this border,” said Manchin. “But a fence or a secured border, a fencing of some sort is needed also.”

“Sure,” Cuomo responded, but noted also that it is “not a panacea.”

Manchin earlier contended that border security could easily be funded by the $69 billion already passed “for overseas contingency funding” because Trump is “cutting back in Afghanistan.”

“It doesn’t have to come out of programs or out of more debt and that’s what I have been saying,” said Manchin. “Use the money you have before you, in front of you. Use that money if we need to. But let’s get a vote on fixing our immigration problem. We’re going to go down this path every six months to every year it seems like.” (RELATED: Tucker Asks Liberal Radio Host If Wall Works In Israel)

“I’m just saying we have the money in the military,” he added. “The money is there in the military. If those people who don’t want to spend money because it’s being taken away from programs or adding more to debt, whatever the reason may be, we have already voted for over $40 billion for border security. We have voted many times. Chuck Schumer put a bill on the table with $25 billion for the dreamers or DACA. It’s been out there many times.”

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