Sen. Kamala Harris Blames Trump For Rashida Tlaib’s Profanity-Laced Tirade

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris was quick to pardon incoming Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib for telling supporters on her first day in office that she was prepared to help “impeach the motherf**ker” — meaning President Donald Trump.


Tlaib made the comments at a rally held by left-wing group last week, and Meghan McCain brought up the question Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” asking Harris what she thought of Tlaib’s rhetoric.

Harris first shrugged off the profanity, excusing Tlaib by saying, “My candid response is that she is not the first, nor will she be the last elected person to curse in public.” (RELATED: Sen. Kamala Harris Takes Aim At Trump, Takes Out Her Own State By Mistake)

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris appears on "The View" on ABC, 1/8/2019/Screen Shot

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris appears on “The View” on ABC, 1/8/2019/Screen Shot

The potential 2020 contender — who had announced earlier in Tuesday’s show that she was “not ready to make an announcement” — gave Tlaib additional cover by chalking her comments up to “passion.”

“People are feeling very passionate right now in our country,” Harris explained. “And, um, and they’re expressing those views in a variety of ways.”

The California senator concluded with a veiled reference to the president, blaming him for “selling hate and division” that inspired “passionate” responses from women like Tlaib. “I also do believe that, um, that in the passion, what we also do have to check as a separate matter, is that there are also very right now powerful voices in our country that are selling hate and division among us. We also need to check that.”

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