A ‘Mellow’ Moose Wanders Into Anchorage Hospital. Let’s See How This Goes

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Stop me if you have heard this one before: So, a moose wandered into a hospital in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, and started eating the plants in the lobby. Only this time it’s not a joke.

It happened Monday, when patients and staff alike were shocked to find a moose had gotten inside the building and was snacking on some plants, according to the Associated Press Tuesday. A member of the staff, Stefanie Hupton managed to grab her phone and captured video of yet another crazy moose sighting. (RELATED: Watch This Herd Of Cows Help Police Take Down A Car Thief Suspect [VIDEO])


In the clip posted on YouTube, we can see the giant animal just standing on the other side of the door entrance munching down on some plants and minding his own business.

At one point, Hupton appears to get louder and the moose catches wind that other people are around. Apparently, he hadn’t noticed all the cars in the parking lot. (RELATED: Watch: Great White Shark Surprises Australia Cops [VIDEO])

The animal definitely looks right at the people but can’t seem to figure out how to back up or get away. Finally, the moose gets enough clearance to completely turn himself around and then heads out the automatic doors, most likely the same way the large animal got into the building.

“Didn’t think we’d have a pet moose,” Hupton explained, before sharing that it wasn’t something she experienced back when she lived in Iowa. “It’s definitely different than small-town Iowa.”

Hospital spokesperson, Kjerstin Lastufka said that the extreme temperatures the city had been facing resulted in the automatic doors getting stuck open. It had currently been around zero degrees.