Tucker Carlson Reveals Potential Supporter Of His Views On Marriage: Liz Warren

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out Monday night that Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren used to warn about the dangers of two-income households but can’t any longer.

Carlson, a Daily Caller co-founder, has spent a lot of time on his show responding to criticism he received for arguing that the influx of women into the workforce has had negative effects on marriage and families. (RELATED: ‘Those People Got Very Angry’ — Tucker Rips ‘The View,’ Other Critics Of His Marriage Segment) 

As Carlson revealed, Warren — now a 2020 presidential contender — wrote a book in 2003 called “The Two-Income Trap” that raised the same red flags.

“Astonishingly, sending mothers to work has made families more vulnerable to financial disaster than ever before,” the Amazon description for the book reads. “Today’s two-income family earns 75 percent more money than its single-income counterpart of a generation ago, but has 25 percent less discretionary income to cover living costs.”


“The central thesis of the book was that mass entry of mothers into the workforce has been a disaster for families and most of all for women,” Carlson explained. “As Warren points out, you’d think families would be much richer with two parents working. That hasn’t happened. Virtually all the income gains have been consumed in an arms race to maintain the status quo.”

Carlson also alleges that if Warren made the same arguments today, she would be disowned from the Democratic Party.

“Elizabeth Warren said that out loud. Nobody seemed to mind. She’d never say that today. It’s not allowed like so much else that is true and important,” Carlson said. “She can’t talk about the things that she believed 10 years ago. No modern Democrat can.”

Carlson closed by assuring viewers that he would talk about the things that people like Warren cannot.

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