Former Florida State And ‘Last Chance U’ Quarterback Malik Henry Transfers To Nevada

Malik Henry (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Netflix)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former Florida State QB recruit and “Last Chance U” star Malik Henry has joined the Nevada Wolfpack football program as a walk-on.

Nevada football coach Jay Norvell said the following Tuesday during an appearance on NSN Daily when discussing the transfer:

He spent some time at junior college and probably has one last shot to get his career corrected and we’re going to give that. We wanted to build an environment here at Nevada where we can train quarterbacks, where we can develop them fundamentally but also spiritually and mentally. I think that’s what he needs. He need support. He needs a coaching staff that will love him and teach him how to do things the right way and in a system he can grow and develop, and that’s something we feel like we have here at Nevada.

I’m actually a little bit surprised Henry is getting this chance because he looked like an awful person to deal with during the third season of Netflix’s hit show “Last Chance U.”

He seemed arrogant, out of control, un-coachable and every other bad attribute you can pin to a QB’s personality. (RELATED: Clemson Beats Alabama For National Title)

He went from being one of the most recruited athletes on the planet to being a guy that now has to walk onto a team! That is one hell of a fall from grace.

In sports, that’s often the kind of fall that is hard to come back from. Does he have all the physical tools necessary to be a star? Sure, but attitude is even more important when you’re a QB, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest is attitude is anything other than crummy.

If things fail at Nevada, I don’t see any situation where he plays again. He truly is on his last chance, and I’m not overly optimistic it ends well unless he gets a massive attitude adjustment.

What a shame it even had to get to this point.

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